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[project cambria]

  • api request -> stack of transformations -> sent to application logic back and forth
  • this allows older apis to transform up the stack into a modern server
  • when distributing: need compatibility of multiple schemas
  • what would it look like to have good tools for handling distributed systems in a systematic way? (shotgun parsing - parsing by if statements - riddling code with little tests and hoping things stick. tools like protobuf in the long term means only adding optional fields, and eventually the data schema has entirely optional types - how do you know what's still relevant at all?)
  • manage schema compatibility separate from application logic!

- provide data transformations; 'bidirectional lenses' - one transformation for the whole schema, as written in a DSL.

- graph of connected schemas and associated lenses. show how the schemas connect with those lenses

  • cambria then:

- automatically translates data at runtime

- provides ts type definitions as well as JSON schemas for your code. json's checkable at runtime as needed!

- integration with Automerge CRDT

  • what is the pushpin architecture (from ink and switch?)
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