Body modification and enhancement research with artificial tech (nodrugs).


These are tempting, but hardcoding a hyperlink of any sort is a badidea. Barcodes will last, but there is no domain name or service I'mwilling to bet on at this point in life, nor any concrete domain name Ifeel good enough about to get on my skin.

I'm wondering if I should spec into the blockchain URLs with arbitraryextensions now or in the future; those seem like the most reliable wayto capture truly permanent links, so long as the heuristic is supportedby major browser engines. Wikipedia's QR codeguide, with lots of qualityinformation The Aztec barcode, analternative to the traditional one with supposedly just as muchredundancy and a different look. A nice utility for cloningbarcodes.

NFC Implants

I'd like to eventually get one of these, but the capacity of storage isincreasing incredibly rapidly, and the ability of these implants has notquite cut up. DangerousThings, probablythe best place now to purchase one of these implants. cloningmifare


I now have tattoos! The line on the back of my neck is fun, but I caremost about the ones on my left and right forearms. The left side isreserved for ideas and organizations that inspire me, while the rightside catalogues my accomplishments. Ideally things will flow from theleft to the right.