Working on building a personal computer that leverages simple ideas fromthe past. Ideally this uses a principle linux system as its base, withsane defaults and a sane desktop environment built on top of aprincipled core. Eventually we can move towards our own operating systemand core to support the environment rather than relying on Linux; aLisp-like machine with greater flexibility would be beautiful.


  • Raspberry Pi
  • Mac 512k case

Wiring up

How can I run the Pi on Solar Power? - Raspberry Pi StackExchangeSolar Powered Raspberry Pi : 4 Steps (with Pictures) -Instructables100R — raspberry pi: Some tipsfor using the Raspbery Pi in cool ways with minimal power consumption.


Linux NixOS All UI is custom default shell is my own, window manager ismy own, etc… we'll make it happen. Combination of past and future.

Window manager

  • Tiling. Stacking windows are a good metaphor for workspaces,