The reader must bear in mind that a traveller requires only that which is sufficient for travel and exploration; that a superfluity of goods or means will prove as fatal to him as poverty of supplies It is on this question of quality and quantity that the traveller has first to exercise his judgment and discretion.

Notes on making and deciding on clothing.

Buying things forever

Making clothing last

  • Mesh bag in the wash, washed cold and air dried.
  • Handwash or cold wash with Grangers.
  • Heat dry DWR-treated materials; they need it to "reactivate" the water repellant layer.

[Laundry check-in. What's your onebag laundry routine? : onebag] -

Repair and refresh

Easy Travel

[The Technium: Travel Without Baggage]. You can do it!

[Weighing underwear to determine the best of the best]


  • remake clothes like my y3 things in sustainable fabrics!
  • imitate vetements zip hoodie, one size bigger, waterproof or merino or something
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