Configure Image Previews

Configuring image previews for different websites. This is surprisingly hard - and, of course, many websites do not follow the open graph protocol specification precisely - so workarounds and additional tags are necessary to supply the HTML needed ot make this happen on any page.

There are two standards: the "Open Graph Protocol" specification (from

) and the "Twitter Card" specification (guess who made 
       this one). Most other services follow one specification or another to display 
       previews of website information, so both have to be adhered to.

Some services such as Signal do not use the open graph protocol for previews; rather, they rely on linking an 'icon' attribute to the site. [Consider the source code]. This assumes that the icon to display for the website is linked as a favicon in the header of the precise page we are using. The Signal code manually parses the header of the website for the icon and displays it.


Open Graph Protocol

Twitter Card

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