I've used emacs as a text editor, note-taking device, email system, andwindow manager. Its legacy and flexibility are powerful ideas - and thecommunity's ingeniuty is stellar - but using Emacs as an interfaceoperating system isn't the solution, as it's stuck fourty years in thepast.

EXWM is a good idea - but the solution should be to implement a betterwindow manager, not to try to reimplement your whole world inside of thelegacy GUI toolkit that Emacs provides. It's okay not to do most thingsin Emacs - the system may have been intended as a lisp machine, buttoday it's only practical as a text editor for functional programmingprojects.

It's worth studying and learning from when building a new userinterfaces - the Emacs environment has innovated in many ways,particularly with respect to the harmony it creates between systemtooling inside the emacs ecosystem - but it's not a complete desktopsolution because it doesn't have the robust rendering facilities thatthe browser and modern GUI frameworks do. I do like the look of theEmacs button rendering system, etc., but when you use EXWM and reallytry to use emacs for everything, you start to see all of the cracks andhacks in the system used to graft programs to the Emacs text-bufferdriven UI.


Allows you to self-host your emacs configuration and access it in thebrowser. Cool!

Package Suggestions

sync org mode files with dotfiles external to them

GitHub - yati-sagade/orch: Send scribbles from an Android phone to Emacs Org …
Renders sketches from your Android phone to org-mode. Useful when takingnotes when having to draw something inline! It looks like the associatedAndroid app for this is dead, but it's a cool idea. The ability to"summon" a touchscreen (the phone in your pocket) to help you think isinteresting and valuable.

emacs binding for recoll text search engine

declarative format for org capture templates. use this in the future -seems better!

Bind commands to combinations of keystrokes.


Emacs Everywhere : emacs
Where is Emacs actually useful? What do users actually want from theprogramming environment? What don't people use Emacs for? This is a hugethread from an Emacs maximalist on the benefits of Emacs everything,EXWM, etc… Learn from this when implementing this window managementsystem.


EmacsWiki: DirectoryVariables. Ifeveryone using your project is using Emacs, this is a useful facilityfor ensuring a reproducible, local editor environment. Brief guide toEmacshooksPlay Emacs like an instrument -YouTubeEmacs micro motions and hacks -YouTube