A great browser that deserves to be supported - because Rust exists (and is good) and Chrome doesn't deserve a monopoly (though, honestly, it's probably the better choice).


[prevent port scanning and other bad things]


Other Browsers

Arcane Browser Knowledge

Navigation Extensions

This should really be documentation associated with my system configuration to avoid duplication... if my whole system is declarative, then documentation associated with the plugins should live where the plugins are installed - not here.

[an overview of different vim firefox plugins]


Solid with basic Vim commands. I've used it for a long time.


Command palette and more! Trying this one out. Looks super configurable but I have yet to do so. Ultimately this is worse than vimium becuase it takes more effort to learn and doesn't "just work".


Vimium + more shortcuts and built in editor. Hate the history navigation though.

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