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"Best upper body workout"

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"I call this the upper body ripper."

3 minutes rest between sets. 12 in first set, 10 in second st, 8 in lastset. Same ab amounts each.

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"This is a workout I developed while in college and have found it to bean excellent way to quickly and efficiently build upper body definitionand muscle. Make sure to accompany this workout with cardio on the otherdays of the week."

No long breaks. No catching your breath. You go through each workout ofthe set quickly and take only a 3 minute break between sets.

Equipment: Adjustable dumbbells and Perfect Pushups

Schedule: 2x per week

Directions: Go through this workout without putting the dumbbells down.48 total reps with the dumbbells before the pushups and abs. First set12 reps of each. Second set 10 reps of each. Third set 8 reps of each.

I usually use 30 lbs weights. You may need to start with 15 or 20 lbs oryou may need 35 to 40 lbs. Use your judgement here.

One set equals:

12 curls 12 standing military press 12 upright rows 12 standing reverseflys Put dumbbells down and go straight into:

15 perfect pushups (start with less if necessary) 15 middle crunches 15left side crunches 15 right side crunches 12 middle crunches 12 leftside crunches 12 right side crunches

I do the crunches using the Ab Ripper X style of in and outs on themiddle and oblique v-ups on right and left side.

This is one set. I do 3 and I’m absolutely fried after the 15 minuteworkout. Your first week or two you should only do 2 sets and make sureto use light weight. If you are really sore take an extra day’s rest.