What you'll wish you'd known

  • It's hard to decide what job you want
  • You don't learn in high school waht to do with your life
  • Work forward from promising situations rather than working backwardsfrom a goal: this ensures that you're using your time efficiently!
  • 'Stay upwind' -\> 'work on hard problems'. Treat school like a dayjob, work at your passions at night. You're wasting far too much timeagonizing and procrastinating anyways.

Start working despite not feeling like it

How to Use the the "2-Minute Rule" to StopProcrastinatingProcrastination is about managing emotions, not time \| HackerNewshttps://www.deprocrastination.co/blog/3-tricks-to-start-working-despite-not-feeling-like-it

  • 'Screw it, let's do it'
  • Start sloppy
  • Start small

how do you self study?having 'grit' how toremember what youread:implement some of these strategies !! Five whys -Wikipedia A Step by StepGuide to Life Prioritization - TynanGetting BoxesDoneAsk HN: How do you develop internal motivation? \| HackerNews

how to do hard things


  • find something similar to the hard thing but easy
  • modify the easy thing to have exacly one thing that is hard
  • do modified thing until it is no longer hard

circle of competence mindset

Understanding your Circle of Competence: How Warren Buffett AvoidsProblems -…