Research on keyboards and keyboard configurations.


[A Modern Space Cadet / Steve Losh]: An overview of a physical keyboard.

[Videos of people editing text]: Study how different people write code and work!

[Ergonomic Keyboard Reviews]

[Coding in Stenography, Quick Demo]

Testing typing!

[Typing Practice]


[BEAKL - Deskthority wiki]

[ - Best keyboard layouts October 2022]

[Colemak Mod-DH]

[GitHub - shapr/markovkeyboard: keyboard layout that changes by markov frequency]

[Ergonomic Keyboard Mods: Extend Layer]

[How to Work with Small Keyboards — Blog - Everything split keyboard.]

[A brief summary of alternative keyboard layout options : KeyboardLayouts]

[Introducing the RSTHD layout – meus recogitare et excogitare]

[What is the Most Efficient Keyboard Layout?]

[Limiting keyboard use to only easy-to-reach keys - General - Colemak forum]

[rolling qmk modifiers revisited]: What if we throw some modifiers on the home row and introduce latency for pressing them? I fear that the debounce might be too high for quick typing, and that we're already making things slow enough. (The dream is to converge on some keyboard layout then encode it in hardware, trivializing any latency from a QMK-like system).


[Corne (CrKbd) Keyboard Build | Volodymyr Lukashevych]

[Carpalx - keyboard layout optimizer]. Design a keybaord to prevent carpal tunnel.

Hardware Innovations

Beyond Keys

[Nano. Slider – keebwerk.]

[Trackpad in a Keycap for Corne/CrKbd Keyboard | Volodymyr Lukashevych]

Good shapes

[GitHub - abstracthat/dactyl-manuform]

one handed keyboards

[FrogPad - Wikipedia]

[XXIIVV — juni] : A one-handed chorded keyboard.

[NatTuck/Twiddler: Files for Twiddler one hand chording keyboard], and [Twiddler], the one hand chording kb.


general plan: use beakl layout for thumb clusters.

IDEA: configuration has two types of keymappings.

one is relative to the location on the keyboard, while another is relative to the letter. i like mixing both of these. there should be some system for allowing me to easily do the former? TODO: break this down into more specific topics!

what do I want my keyboard to do?

- type, well

- preserve some similarity to my laptop keyboard

- make it easy to do the things i can do in i3 on laptop already

- midi layer to play notes and make music !!

qmk configuration tips and links


-- defining sequences with which you can trigger keypresses and functions!

this uses lead -> cut instead of having to hold the whole sequence all at once

rough ideas

greek letters behind a hidden layer for fast math typing

  • on this layer remap shift so that it opens capital greek letter

reevaluate how i use modifier keys and where i put my thumbs for ease of access

what else do i type frequently?

what is the fastest way to lay out the numpad to enable quick access?

what function keys or macros would be useful to me?

emojis?? on my keyboard??

introduce leader keys and macros to spit out some keyboard shortcuts,

music, or important information

explicitly document this somewhere

dont be afraid to draw out specific layout!!

obviously best action to take is planck or split keyboard, but the next action

to take is changing the keyboard layout to radically change the way the

fingers move as we type!

do not place constraint on how many keys are relocated

places on this site layout the q**lw* layouts for optimizing for various things,

one keeps zxcv in place for greater effeffectiveness. consider using one of

these as opposed to colemak or somethign for better effectivenes

in geneeral: find what isnt working and optimiz

potential ideas- macros for different latex expressions(it is possible that org

mode already offers this)it may be better to just use org mode for latex and

shortcut the org mode expressionsthis should be some 'math mode' laye- midi

control layer- offers potential for drum kit as well as for a piano roll of some

sort- perhaps dual buttons for tweaking knobs up and down- mappings similar to

launchpad to programs such as ableton[] i use

colemak i will probably have to make some changes to other keybindings to

reflect thicurrent are proper for qwerty but these ssame binds will not make

sense in other placesfrom planck repos- ajp10304hold tab for shifthold enter for

shifthold space for some function laye


  • backspace + control
  • delete with control
  • layer specifically for navigation and typing brackets
  • layer with copy, paste, duplicate, other things functionality

58 - sdothum


shift tab key overlays

number and symbol function key layer

layer with hex numbers

layer with navigation and keypad

autocompletion of key pairs

extensive use of tap keys for different layout

67 - am

media keys

both qwerty and colemak

number and reversed number pads for both hands

touchccursor layEr ?? look into this

mouse layer

74 - voodagod: bone2planck

ergonomic placement for coding for things on second layer (m1)

navigation and number blocks in convenient and intuitive place

function and media keys on separate layer from navigation keys 2 layers that swap funvtion and media ke ys as well as switched navigation and number blocks

4 mod keys, 2 on either side of the spacebar

80 - cbbrowne

keypad layer has cool macros:

  • automatic type out of name with leaders
  • random number generator spits out number

hold enter for shift

helping with tmux:

  • may be helpful to add tmux layer
  • this would have macros specific to the navigation of tmux
  • kc lead to find key combos not concurrent

jeebak keymap with good ideasL:

  • number layer has numbers in several places
  • touchcursor allows for cursor layer on home keys

jeremy-dev keymap also cool

  • shift hands outwards, special keys in center
  • symbol layer has compound keys for c operators
  • this would have macros specific to the navigation of tmux
  • kc lead to find key combos not concurrent

jeebak keymap with good ideasL:

  • number layer has numbers in several places
  • touchcursor allows for cursor layer on home keys

jeremy-dev keymap also cool

  • shift hands outwards, special keys in center
  • symbol layer has compound keys for c operators96 - corvec

redundancy for common keys so that they are easily accessible

this is especially true for keys that can be out of the way

autoshift but also defined shift keys as autoshift is slow

movement is hjkl or hnei depending on the keymap

arrows mimicked by home, pgdown, pgup, and end on the lower row

media keys same location as Arrow keys

toggle layers minimized so that keyboard state is predictable

shift toggle? deactivate automaticall

- dcompact

stateless typing

minimize mouse usage

has Plover integration for stenotypi

- sdothum

colemak dh with shift tabn key overlays

number, symbol, function key layers

hex keypad layer

navigation keypad layer

dynamic macro layer

extensive use of tap keys

- hvpkod

swedish keys on main layer using tap dance (what is tap dance

- impossible by UnderSampled

main objective:

  • move most used punctuation to the thumbs
  • removing s middle column??
  • other space gains conbine keys only chorded with non symbol keys as well as function layer asnternati ves
  • qwerty layer seems to be entirely normal

stenoigraphy: moves number low below the regular keys,providing comfortable placement for the thumb key s

switch between layouts and change other keyboard settings with adjustment lay

- jeremy-dev

programmer who avoids rsi so they want to avoid stuff

makes heavy use of momentary layer toggling

momentary toggles, hold single mods like backspace, space, etc. for better functionality

symbol layer keys accessible via the thum

- jeremy-dev

programmer who avoids rsi so they want to avoid stuff

makes heavy use of momentary layer toggling

momentary toggles, hold single mods like backspace, space, etc. for better functionality

symbol layer keys accessible via the thum

- laeleth

standard querty layout for main page

lower layer places all numbers on a single hand

raise layer prioritizes parens over all else

numpad layer for single hand numpad: is this a good ide

- matrixman

wanted pinkeys to have a break or something

index fingers and palm presses do a lot more

planck mobile, ergodox at home, want to minimize difficulty of switching between the t

- yttyx

base layer uses balance twelve layout??

plover layer uses the same home position as the base layer

link ref::

- steno

stenography keymap for the keyboard

set plover to TX bolt, select com port that represents keyboa

- snowkuma

colemak planck layout

influenced by sdothum and blog

allows for minimisation of key usage to set and having hands in comfortable position

colemak base layer

symbol cursor nav layer

notably blocks out two middle layers for unknown reason

has regex layer jsut on right hand for good expressions

magnet shortcuts?

thumb shortcut layer

function layer with lots of keys

mouse layer that allows for easy navigation (what does the gui bbutton do

- smt

has mod-tap keys re: jackhumbert qmk firmware fun with modifier keys article

using left shift as mod tap for escape?? this seems weird man

tab is also the hyper key when held down

backtick is in the lower left corner, used as the tmux prefix key

group open paren and closed paren togeth

- smittey

focused on coding and utilizes home row for common symbols

space is also function key, and leads to arrow key navigation scre

- sean

typematrix dvorak keyboard with escape, tab, enter and backspace in the middle rather than on outside

middle row functions hold most of the functionality

the adjust layer has one shortcut copy, paste, numpad, dvorak etc layer acces

  • samuel

pretty mode organized for dvorak

has tap keys configured with all of the keys held above as alternate layer

  • all keys shoukld have alt tap functionality to provide better access to th

function and macro layer for one shot things

python layer as well??

good layout of code for keym

  • priyadi planck layout

emoji layer ! cursor and nav cluster available on the home row

number layer supports hex input somehow

left and right side modifier keys

faux clickey?? i think this means it makes sounds when the keypresses register

which is stup

  • pascamnothing special - mostly default - but another good reference for how to

place keys on the keyboa

- oeywnorwegian grid layoleader keys, tap dancing and


- piemod by choromansoffers support ofr ortho, i3wm and programming symbono

documentation though. Sa

- piemod by choromanskiers support ofr ortho, i3wm and

programming symbolsno documentation though. Sadtakeawaymake all hold keys also

tap keys with a different functionalitlayers fo- navigation ( should have

dedicated copy, paste, etc functionality for ease of navigation and moving tex

t aroun- programmer buttons - common progrmmer symbols to type as well as

macros to help with progrma typi- typing greek lette- latex symbols ( could be

combined with the greek letter thing) this is largely an alternative note taki

ng mode to be used in math courses or something, possibly in conjunction with

org mode. do soem research on taking literate notes with latex and get

back to this. for now just do the greek letters?? lots of coo l programming

can be done here to enter and exit contextual programming modes inside

different scopes for entering and exiting them by remembering scopes as

well as previous keys, or typing out entire commonly used latex symbols

concretely through the keyboa- commonly used phrases - this shouldn't be a

layer so much as a series of macros defined by leader keys that can be

accessed via normal tyoping layer, and should include email, name etc. could

also create pass word buffer in the firmware to write, read copy and paste

to but ideally some external program should han dle th- some toggle layer

for a midi controller or music making mode!!! only do this wehn you get back

into mus ic production or find some way to do something like thend goal:

completely navigate computer without any usage of the keyboard using

conjunction of software an d hardwar

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