Checking and interacting with mail.

email ideas:

  • generate arb. email name with the same domain per website, using emailsimilar to web name
  • fwd these emails to central repo
  • know exactly what service these emails came from
  • quick frontend to generate these email addresses/inboxes forsubscriptions


How to send and reply toemail Use plaintextemail

Setting up a NixOS email server

I used Vultr's VPS; install NixOS with it adding the ISO with theseinstructions, orusing the ISO included with Vultr. (You'll still have to manuallypartition and install NixOS though).

There are several nice preconfigured mail server options. I chosenixos-simple-mailserverand run NixOS 20.09, managed with flakes and merged into my systemconfigurations. Thedocumentationfor the mail server is superb. Thisarticle might also be usefulbut could be dated.

As part of the instructions, you'll have to set up a reverse DNS record.Here'show you handle that for Vultr.

On Namecheap, the DNS records took several hours to propagate. TheLetsEncrypt certificates in this mail server cannot be issued until yourDNS records go into effect, so be patient until this happens.

Thunderbird configuration

  • Add new calendar with the specific calendar link off Radicale (Countedas calendar account on android but just one calendar onthunderbird).
  • CardBook extension to synchronize contacts over CardDAV.