I want to replicate the feeling of memory. It'samazing to have a record of exactly how you felt at one particularmoment of your life.

How do we build this?


Memories are temporary. Memories fade.

Today, we're empowered with several tools to prevent this. We havedevices that constantly track our locations and monitor our activity. Iwant to use these tools to allow us to travel through our past.

I want to replicate the feeling of walking down a familiar road andseeing a place we have a particularly fond memory of, but in the digitalworld. Moreover, I want to be able to share this experience with otherswho may not have lived the same life experiences I have had, and to beable to link across experiences between people.

Further, I'd like to add a nostalgic aspect that we do not often feel inthe real world – one spent on the internet.

(This isn't a very good name… it should be catchier.)


  • Location
  • Location stamped photos/videos
  • Notes on photos
  • Textual links for every point

Not everything has to be linked to a location, but most browsing islocation-based.

Rough Idea

Temporal View

Cutscenes happen like a video game with fast travel. Pressing 'play' ona day starts with a map and a first location. It will zoom in whendigital activ

Spacial View

Visit location -\> see everything visible in that location. A lot ofthis is already handled by Google Maps. You should be able to enter theother views from here so that viewing a location can trigger a memory.

Textual View

This is a traditional dictionary view. It puts text notes first andallows for the browsing of linked information, much like otherdictionaries. I'd like a view that operates similar to my wiki.