• leverage software to lower barrier to entry
  • provide tooling too difficult and resource intensive for in house work
  • align incentives with customers; i.e. pay per use enabling scaling.api, saas, business in a box, etc… AWS is a huge deal in this space -with it companies have no need to worry about their own serverinfrastructures!

given the right business model, you grow directly alongside yourconsumer; i.e. twilio supports whatsapp substantially and considerably.stripe is probably the best example of this! all you have to do toaccept payments is dispatch to strip : )

Aldo Leopold: "A Sand County Almanac" spiritual dangers to not owning afarm:

  • supposing that breakfast comes from the grocery
  • supposing that heat comes from the furnace

you can build these in house, eventually!

becoming a good theoretical computer science:

  • theoretical fields are so important to practical advancements
  • math and physics are vital to pursuing any theoretical field

to become a good computer science researcher, study math. you willalways have time to switch to the 'practical side of the force', butit's worth spending time to hone engineering

turing machines and the halting problem. the Entscheindunsproblemcreated the turing machine and the turing test – determined that themathematics are decidable, evaluating a definite procedure to show if amath statement is true or false the question prompted an answer: theturing machine!

Mathematical Theory of communication set the foundation fortelecommunications - but in and of itself is not! Shannon's informationtheory of entropy takes thermodynamic entropy and transforms it toimpact communications

shannon theorem, shannon-hartley theorem the class mip\* of languagescna be decided by a verifier is equal to RE, recursively enumerablelanguages! read more, @adlarocha

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