Tour Of Berlin in 24h

I think that this should be a new kind of domain-specific static file. When revisiting this document, revisit this idea.



 file contains a list of locations or paths. It can suggest 
        times, days or seasons during which a location should be visited or a path 
        should be traveled. Standard coordinates are used to denote or represent these 
        paths; the information stored should be sufficient to reproduce the map with 
        Google Maps or OSM.

Cool, why static files?

  • Have them forever
  • Don't have to figure out how to extract your structured data from services; your file *is* the source of truth for the structured data
  • Text files are super easy to manage, send and receive
  • Text files can create "pure" website experiences, where a website is some pure function with some type Specification => View, without having to handle any signins or other weird glue in between. It's simple!
  • The file (ideally) is human-readable without using any external tool; I should be able to open the file in a standard text editor and consume all of the content. Any augmented view of the file is a bonus.


  • Slow: have to parse the static file to display it. Other alternatives, like API authentication, might also be slower.
  • Multiple sources of truth: there is no way to guarantee that the data that some static file contains is updated. The file has to be submitted to a tool for any sort of "automatic" update of the file.
  • More work: Have to design some plaintext file format and write a parser for this file format.
  • Hard to handle some forms of unstructured data such as images. There is no good answer to this; the images have to be stored external to the file or the file format can use some fake
     specification that bundles the images. Are there other ways to 
             handle this effectively?

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holzmarkt, kater blau: 11pm b

liquidrom 1pm!

flak tower sunset 9pm

sisyphos berlin 1am saturday morni g

neukolln bar hop


walk by gallery with cool paintings to friedrichstain (at some point?)

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