I think that this should be a new kind of domain-specific static file.When revisiting this document, revisit this idea.


A \`tour\` file contains a list of locations or paths. It can suggesttimes, days or seasons during which a location should be visited or apath should be traveled. Standard coordinates are used to denote orrepresent these paths; the information stored should be sufficient toreproduce the map with Google Maps or OSM.

Cool, why static files?

  • Have them forever
  • Don't have to figure out how to extract your structured data fromservices; your file is the source of truth for the structured data
  • Text files are super easy to manage, send and receive
  • Text files can create "pure" website experiences, where a website issome pure function with some type Specification =\> View, withouthaving to handle any signins or other weird glue in between. It'ssimple!
  • The file (ideally) is human-readable without using any external tool;I should be able to open the file in a standard text editor andconsume all of the content. Any augmented view of the file is a bonus.


  • Slow: have to parse the static file to display it. Other alternatives,like API authentication, might also be slower.
  • Multiple sources of truth: there is no way to guarantee that the datathat some static file contains is updated. The file has to besubmitted to a tool for any sort of "automatic" update of the file.
  • More work: Have to design some plaintext file format and write aparser for this file format.
  • Hard to handle some forms of unstructured data such as images. Thereis no good answer to this; the images have to be stored external tothe file or the file format can use some fake \`.zip\` specificationthat bundles the images. Are there other ways to handle thiseffectively?

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