Moving to Boston

my favorite areas are davis square, cambridgeport, south end

cambridgeport and north Cambridge don't have students

if i were moving to boston cambridgeport would be #1 for sure tho. its far enough from the colleges

davis square is the only place to get good food in boston swear

remembered two more things!

  • the right spot in fenway-kenmore neighborhood can also be good but those can be really expensive (many college students can't afford itlol)
  • if you're planning to bike a lot, boston and cambridge are different cities - boston's biking infrastructure is terrible but cambridge's is great

Before I forget

  • Allston is cool and has some good asian food - it's where I lived last year - but the whole area can feel like a frat on weekends and that sounds like something you want to avoid (most BU, Berklee, Emerson, etc.. students live here). Lots of cool local music and basement house shows and that kind of thing! If you're interested I can send you my apartment from last year lol, old but good price for the (perfect imo) location
  • Unless you're right next to Harvard/MIT campus, don't worry about living near undergrads in Cambridge; most people live on campus or in. Grad students are scattered throughout cambridge/somerville so there is really no avoiding them lol
  • South end apartments all look really cool and area is super walkable, but it doesn't feel very 'mixed use' - you'll end up walking into back bay / the city proper for things to do. If you want to optimize for walking to work, south end; if you want to live near good businesses and commute go t cambridge/somervilI put cambrigeport as #1 because it's centrally located - bridges to everywhere in boston, close to red line near the city. it's super quiet and you're still ~10-15 min walk from lots of good businesses in cambridge. davis square area #2, it's annoying how far it is from the city (expect at 30-45 mins to financial district unless they improve the T lol) but has the best local businesses imo of any area in boston, very quiet and walkable. south end #3 for reasons stated, cambridge is just more fun to hang out in in early-mid 20s imo than boston

seaport also exists and will be easiest place to find apartment but you will feel like a clone

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