Operating Systems

Operating systems run your computer! There are lots of innovative OS projects but only a few are really used. A few more than those have some interesting ideas. [Expanded Main Page - OSDev Wiki] has tons of resources on building an operating system.



Aside from Linux, Windows, MacOS and derivatives...

[Leaving Gentoo]


[https://timboudreau.com/blog/gentoo/read]gentoo seems like a great learning exp

[https://wiki.gentoo.org/wiki/Raspberry_Pi#Hardware]help loading gentoo onto a pi {might be more helpful to put on qemu}

  • [Qubes OS] :: An operating system that isolates every application and device on the computer, granting permission to each only when necessary. Many journalists and security professionals rely on this.
  • [WhoNix] :: An operating system designed to completely sandbox your activity inside of a virtual machine.
  • Plan9 :: Defer to [Devine's notes on the subject] .

- Plan9 resources: [http://www.9gridchan.org/]

- [Plan 9 System Calls]

- [plan9 tools for unix operating systems]

  • [Junos OS]
  • [Spectrum] :: An OS modeled after Qubes, but making full use of the Nix reproducible build system, and dedicated to supporting mainstream x86-64 hardware.
  • SmartOS :: combines opensolaris tech with linux kvm virtualization. has zfs. contributed to illumos project



  • LineageOS ::

The most popular alternative Android operating system, built off of CyanogenMod.



  • e :: An operating system designed to function efficiently on older, refurbished devices. Built on LineageOS.
  • NixOS Mobile :: A full port of NixOS to a mobile platform. It's built on top of many previous efforts and relies on a tool to convert GTK applications to mobile equivalents.


[I got my Gameboy emulator running in my OS! : osdev]. This is so inspirational. I love it. I would love to play this game boy game on this operating system. It sounds so fun and satisfying to have made and to use a stack like this!


[http://songseed.org/dinghy/concept.html]reenvisioning the os

[Operating Systems: Three Easy Pieces ] {Books}

[hobby operating system written in C]


[macos emulation layer for linux]

[toy os]


[demikernel/demikernel: Demikernel OS]

[nickbjohnson4224/rhombus: a hobby operating system written in C]

[jmgrosen/shorai: A super-amazing OS that will bring world peace.]



[How to Protect Your Privacy on Linux]

[well known operating systems course at upitt]

[just in time specialization for opencl kernels]


[trigger kernel races reliably]

[kabbi/wonderland: Inferno clone to conquer the world]

[http://intermezzos.github.io/]a demo operatin system for learning

[https://littleosbook.github.io/]the little book of of development


[http://wintermute.org/brendan/]the screenless office and other artistic efforts

[https://github.com/mkilgore/protura]toy os kernel and utilities

[https://makelinux.github.io/kernel/map/]map of the linux kernel

[https://www.mercuryos.com/]reengineering of the operating system as a ux project, fluid experience driven by human intent

[https://github.com/ssrg-vt/hermitux]binary compatible unikernel

[https://github.com/oasislinux/oasis]statically linked linux system

[https://github.com/dlannan/ljos]luajit command line os

[https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=10957020:]overview of real alternative operating systems for considering. lots of interesting innovations!

[GitHub - jzck/kernel-zig: hobby x86 kernel zig]: Cool microkernel rolled with of Zig

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