Notes on the RSS Protocol, a way of following blogs and articles in adecentralized fashion.

Kill the Newsletter! convertsarbitrary email newsletters to RSS feeds. Likewise rss-bridge: The RSSfeed for websites missing itattempts to graft RSS capabilities onto websites that don't support itany longer. Likewise, GitHub - bcongdon/rssfilter: 🔍 Web service forfiltering RSS articles lookspotentially useful for RSS.

Tiny Tiny RSS is a self-hosted RSS server thatsupports clients locally on a computer. I used this for awhile so that Icould browse RSS on mobile and on desktop while using the same backend;as fun as it is to use newsboat and the web app, it's just not that funto browse RSS feeds anymore - twitter is far more addictive, for betteror for worse. FreshRSS, a free, self-hostable feedsaggregator also looks like a reasonable choice.

Welcome to twtxt! — twtxt 1.2.3documentation is amicroblogging service that borrows ideas from RSS, Twitter, Mastodon andother decentralized social media - it's absolutely worth looking into,though without network effects it's unclear whether it's ever worthusing.

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