Small ideas for hackathons or small periods of time.

These will each be eventually updated with their own posts as the ideas expand and they're given names.

The name is the most important part of a project. Without a good name the project will fail.

Reddit Tree Navigation

Remember Prezi? You could click on different bubbles

to navigate through a presentation nonlinearly, or could

navigate it linearly with forward and backwards arrow keys.

This has a lot of potential! Let's try it with Reddit threads.

[An example client to get started]


Visiting a reddit post and prefixing it with the reddit tree website's URL opens a window with the post's contents at the top of the webpage. Below this, there are lots of bubbles pseudorandomly scattered throughout the page. Their sizes are by default weighted by the number of upvotes on the comment, but they can be arranged by number of comments in the thread branching from the comment or some other metrics (TBD).

Each bubble has the username, number of upvotes, and the prefix of the comment. They may have smaller bubbles visible to demonstrate the next layer of comments in the tree.

Clicking on one of these bubbles does one of two things (not sure yet):

  • Moves the bubble to the top right of the screen
  • Replaces the text of the reddit post with that of the comment opened

Either way, the user now has access to a back button to go 'back up' in the tree (we define clicking on a bubble as 'going down' the tree), and they also can see all of the comments descended from the currently open comment as first-class bubbles.

Each of these pages will also havte a bubble with a plus sign on it in the bottom right of the page; clicking this opens a bubble that fills most of the screen, with the comment or post you're commenting on featured as a smaller bubble above it (perhaps it's visible as a semicircle under this bubble?). You can then make a reddit comment using the usual reddit facilities for this.



  • Visit a specific url on the reddit tree view website to open a reddit thread.
  • View the post and each comment in a bubble.
  • Click a bubble to view the next level of comments.

Enhanced UX

  • Tree view can be accessed by prefixing a reddit URL thread with our URL.
  • Post bubbles are sized proportionally to their number of upvotes or some other ranking metric. You can see smaller bubbles around them that provide an estimate of the number of comments in their assoc. thread.

Usable for Reddit

  • The user can log in and make comments themselves.

Complete Product

Rather than providing alternate views to individual threads, the program can instead act as its own reddit client.

The main page of the site functions just like Reddit's home page, only with bubbles for each subreddit. The bubbles are weighted proportional to the number of new posts, popularity of those posts or some other metric.

When clicking on one of these subreddit bubbles, you open a secondary bubble view that showcases each post in the subreddit. A UI is provided to make new posts in the subreddit from this page.

Clicking on an individual posts opens the fleshed out idea above, providing an alternative navigational experience for all of reddit.

Version Control for Music

Live coding is a good idea, but it's meant to be 'played'; current solutions for persisting livecoding information require recording, which compresses all of the structural information associated with the music, or meticulously copying and pasting code then saving it all.

We can do better!

A 'recording' mode for a live coding environment could be implemented.

To start the recording mode, a new branch is created. Every time the file is updated and re-run, it's recorded as a git commit in a project's commit history. The commit message has notation demonstrating how long a certain commit was played (time from start of recording to first commit or from the last commit to the current one).

When done recording, you can switch back to the main branch. The new branches are identified by a particular notation in the branch name to demonstrate that they were automatically created.

These recordings can be:

  • Played back. A menu is exposed to 'play' each of the created branches.

When a branch is played, its first commit is run through the music interpreter for a specified amount of time, then the new commit is checked out and re-run; this is identical to a user manually editing the file and updating the played music, and tracks will only update if the code has been changed for them.

  • Exported: this can be done in the same way tracks are played back.
  • Converted to linear tracks. You can 'export' a branch to a linear arrangement to make it easier to edit and turn into a complete song without having to record it! This process generates the appropriate pauses in between the different parts of the music and loops to ensure that the different segments of the track are run at the right time and in the right order.

This allows artists to take live coding projects that have been performed. convert them into full-fledged tracks, and export them without having to perform them.

DONE Spell Check Hook

CLOSED: [2020-10-14 Wed 18:05]

I hate improper spelling or formatting.

A linter that checks for proper spelling in a project with git hooks!

You won't be able to commit to your projecct until you fix those spelling errors.

This is pretty easy with husky and eslint-plugin-spellcheck -- and it's a pain to use. Make this a separate git repo but do not explore this further.

GitHub README Information Generators

These are tools dynamically queried by README files that show information about specific projects. They're lightweight and easily hosted. [https://github.com/anuraghazra/github-readme-stats]is a good place to start for learning how to make one such banner.

Look into dynamically configuring and formatting text via a specific web query. Perhaps a server can be made to accept arbitrary html/css and output an image with this information?

I'll also need a tool for converting such a file into a URL-compatible version, see [https://stackoverflow.com/questions/1547899/which-characters-make-a-url-invalid#1547940.]

Obscure programming languages web app

  • build it in cljs (clojurescript)
  • provide interpreters for all of the silly obscure programming languages i can
  • make it super easy for people new to the project to add and contribute more languages

+ support parsing BNF grammars and converting them into interpreters in the code

as a sort of codegen, as a lot of the languages are specified using BNF

  • reference: that one wiki. idea is to provide reference implementations for the reasonable ones

to try out!


configure keybindings for multiple programs at once

'compile' to assign comprehensive keybindings to all utilities

single point of control

friendly, easy to use configuration

language that can 'target' different things

web search from terminal, and from rofi or something that just comes up that i can type into

for projectional editing: provide clear auditory indications of different program behaviors to alarm us. eg wiring up jenkins to unsuccessful deployments on different pipelines, different sounds for different themes. pluggable sound system with insertable sound effects; able to hear two events occuring at identical intervals but it is difficult to see this in terms of time stamps!

working on linux

xournal for annotating pdf

obs sdutio for webcam video

audacity for autio editing

video editing with openshot?

pdfsandwich and tesseract ocr for searching pdfs

qemo/kvm for virtual machines with almost native performance

gnucash for accounting

gimp for photo editing

inkscape for vector graphics

org mode flow

org mode

org board for offline archiving

org capture for getting links from browser

git repo for tracking histroy

org-mind-map can be useful to visualize connections

grep etc are useful for traversing everything!

working on os

richard stallman: live cheaply

eric raymond: be independently wealthy

large, talented people: identify and support important or promising open source projects.

focus on how to improve the livelihoods of funding open source software and interfacing with it

learning from casual friends

  • find the person at the office who knows things and buy them a beer!

become friends with amazing programmers. care about them and listen to their frustrations

we have lots of 'tribal knowledge' that comes out but that we do not fully understand or internalize

making sense of all of the information :: mandate making content. to make this content, you have to first learn -- really understand -- the content. to take an online class, you work towards some certification or end goal with which yuo can demonstrate the work. always do something to add to github at least. if you produce more, you will always learn more

do not need to be good at all of the things; find a balance between being average in many topics and good in a few topics. getting a job means you know enough about enough! bounce around and learn more about more until you find something that really sticks.

one of the best ways to learn a tool is by using it at work -- you're mandated to use it.get a job to learn the thing you want to learn! it's not possible to do *everything* in your spare time, after all

solve problems around you without asking permission

three steps


consume, produce and engage.

first, look for the best articles, books videos on the topic and devour them. then produce something -- blog post, slides, illustration to contextualize the learning. finally, share with others get feedback and perfect the opinion. can now make closet to a complete picture

keep a running document (this wiki); append anything interesting to it. go back to it every once and awhile to reinforce the ideas!

blog :: keep *logs* of different categories and ideas. expand them as needed.

by always working on the most interesting problem available, you have endless motivation. with this motivation you will not have incentive to quit! find the passion.

thomas huxkey -- a good liberal education is to know something about everything and everything about something. go deep on what you want to work in but become broad in skills with everything else.


stay at strangers place entirely for free

anything you ant it t be -- fill out profile with detail and you can pick out whoever you want to host

get ot meet incredible people and bring incredible people into ur home as both a host and proprietor!

try this when u move off campus to see who u can meet . if its still around

crossing the red line :: going from a basic feeling to a constant frustration, beyond such a frustration to this feeling that you can do much more than you thought you could do. the mind accepts even as the body tires, and that the mind has no use -- you are now mind over matter, and can keep going if you need to because you've triumphed!

webrtc signal strategies


xhr and complete options

sip over websockets


webrtc data channel

sitting alone ate the crack of dawn makes me feel like my day has purpose

leaders must own everything in their world. there is no one else to blame

finding time wfh

find alone time while off work

go for a drive at least once a day

make sure to have a sit down meal with family

set boundaries, make sure people know when you are working

give other free time as well! get away from work and clear your mind

the most important thing to do is to avoid thinking about work when you are not doing it

think of someone you love but do not see often. how many more times will you be able to see that person? how important is each of those meetings?

how lucky i am to have something that makes goddbye so hard

they say nothing is impossible, but i do nothing every day

git rebase --interactive

optimizing resumes

add relevant words to electronic resumes in white letters on whitee background

add quotes from company websites or job postings in white letters on white space

get resume actually seen by everyone!

fastcompany avoid tracking

analyze daily movementa nd anchor points as well as doramnt periods

leave cell phone behind during dormant periods and purchase prepaid no contract cell

store burner phone in faraday bag and activate with clean computer on public wifi network

encrypt number using otp and rename image file with code. use tor to post image to anon twitter account, signalling communications request with a partner

leave cell behind, avoid anchor points, and receive phone call at prearranged time, then destroy handset

computers are useless.they only give you answers. pablo picasso

i refuse to do anything that computers can do - olin shivers

think of meat as a side dish, not as a meal

NEXT Experiments

[https://garten.stordahl.dev/]some inspo

A website, similar to a 'portfolio',

that highlights a bunch of cool experiments I have going on

with regards to web design.

The main page, [https://experiments.chvatal.com,] provides an interface for easily browsing each of these without using any JavaScript (or minimizing its usage). It allows users to easily browse the different sample applications -- potentially as inner HTML frames, but they could be in amy form. Users should have access to a preview of the experiments in some way.

Regardless of presentation, the website should contain a folder of git submodules -- each corresponding to one of the 'experiments'. These experiments are added to the final static site as links when the website is uploaded as part of a CI action or similar, though this can initially be done manually. Each submodule should display a website and should host itself in a subdirectory of 'experiments'.

NEXT Portfolio

I've been thinking that my single page introduction isn't quite enough for employers, and that it might be good to add a portfolio with writeups to document each of my projects.

Maybe I could do this in a cool, nonlinear way, like SSENSE does or similar to how the minimal photography websites approach things.

Think about how I can write about my projects and include them in a portfolio.

Ideally I link the repositories and the description for the project is pulled from the README of each repository so I don't have to do any additional writing. These READMEs should already include appropriate screenshots, and whatever tool configures the portfolio website should be able to render these. (It could also take the GitHub summary line and make that the headline for the project!)

Perhaps 'experiments' and 'portfolio' are one and the same; perhaps 'experiments' is completely abstract while 'portfolio' is concrete and professional. What's the best way to tackle this?

Idea journal with notes

i think i need a better idea of what i want first, this is kind of just logseq mobile at this point lol

social network features really interest me though, like how we interact with things and all

1. very basic android app

  • take note
  • note recorded with geolocation, some other info

2. backend for the notes

  • plaintext? git?

3. map viz

4. social network features

5. federation?

use react-leaflet on desktop (!!)


simple app:

asks once per week if you're alive or have any problems

you respond with yes, no, whatever

if you haven't responded in more than two weeks (the servre handles this),

an email is sent to designated people (ie parents) to notify them

able to provide additional information for 'status update' to let them know how you're doing briefly

further conversaiton cna be synchronous of course

the idea chat!


this is that shit we've been waiting for

i would love to spend some time developing an ecosystem with the platform


i think i like twitter and similar platforms as much as i do chat interfaces;

i wonderif there's a way to combine these ideas with those from social media

hack idea: nixOS gui

primarily leverages home-manager and that kind of thing

allows you to pick different programs you want to install on your system based on a nice gallery that supports a subset of the


you can select your system type: e.g. arm, etc

this should be for nontechnical users that want to use linux, so they don't have to mess with nix's underlying data if they don't want to, but they have a nice interface to their code a needed -- they can bring back up their program launcher thing and add, update, or roll back programs and systems as needed without touching the nix cli!

generative music


Personal calendar

I love calendly but wish it had integrations with other non-proprietary software. Rebuild its interface (but more mininally) with the following integrations:

  • Jitsi Meet for calls (with support for using a custom Jitsi server, as needed)
  • Smess chat meeting : ) - super powerful! Find a FOSS alternative to Loom video? Or make one?
  • CalDAV - i want to be able to use an open source calendar rather than Google Calendar BS.

Generative poems


General Ideas

[unofficial apis]

TODO automate tinder

make requests to randomly swipe


matching spotify profiles


matching face / gender factors


broadcast and share different user inputs from your device (ie mouse, touchscreen, microphone)

Retro computing website

Make it look like it's an overengineered 90s site with all of the quirks!

[Add a hit counter!]

Learn from it and try to build little components of retro design into other products.

Ideas from linus

  • long term note system
  • ephemeral note system
  • tracking people, what you know and what you've talked about. leverage carddav contact system for this.
  • public availability calendar that enables scheduling times
  • workflows are more important than tools in general. focus on these!
  • own these tools; they should grow with your workflow!
  • [https://soundsfromplaces.surge.sh/]sounds from places; records of places visited and sounds recorded from them.

chat bot

elisa - can use to fuel isnt.online site with fake comments responding to posts?

recipe app

[https://www.ica.se/recept/kladdig-kladdkaka-722982/]we can do so much better

- fulcro: maybe with recipe website. get started on that at some point!

anonymous form website

easy to use and completely transparent to everyone

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