This was a page documenting all of the tools I used on a day-to-day basis. It's currently defunct as I reorganize this wiki. I'll update with more information as I continue to delete all of the silly aggregated links on this site. (See: [,] []

It might make more sense to use a custom file type to represent this inventory or to catalogue it in some more disciplined way - I sense that an org-mode file may not have the best way to express.

focus on the things that you do, not the tools that you use to accomplish them. <- I wish I had known this when I was obsessing over all of these things I owned!

better improvements often come with learning to use the tools you have better, rather than continuing to learn new tools and technologies.



Software tools should be *descriptive*, not *perscriptive*! I should, somewhere, catalogue the software tools I like - but that information is managed declaratively in my NixOS repo, so it seems silly to wrap around and re-document it here




pentel orenz nero



nimslo 3D

fuji xt3


bose qc35ii

audioengine a2+


vultr vps

xps 13 9370

galaxy s21


wireless nc earbuds

teenage engineering op-1

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