Resources for Wayland {Window Management}.

I'm currently using Wayland as my window manager of choice but am wondering whether it's worthwhile - I can't track information about what programs I'm using at what time, what keystrokes I'm using, etc - information I'd like to have about my computer usage (but that causes obvious security problems for userland programs)!

How to make sure an application is not XWayland

Install Xeyes, one of the X11 demo apps. If the eyes are moving when you mouse over the app, it's X and running on XWayland, as X is giving it access to all of your desktop information. If they aren't, the app's running in Wayland - the eyes don't have access.


[Wayland book, the comprehensive guide to using Wayland].

Fixing screensharing on wayland

[share with wayland package]

[loopback device for screen sharing]

[control video devices like a webcam]

Implementation Libraries

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