Web Design


Websites should be minimal.

There is no reason to download five megabytes of Javascript to communicate my hiring credentials. I shouldn't have to wade through frameworks and dark patterns to read a blog post!

I am taking a reductionist approach to web design by:

  • Limiting the number of lines of Javascript.

Javascript consumes unnecessary resources and can distract from information presented; as such, Javascript should serve only to enhance current content.

  • Limiting the number of colors on the site, shifting focus to central components.
  • Reducing the overall complexity of the project.

You can only truly understand a machine if you can remove every piece you don't need. If every piece is necessary for communicating the information, it's all the end user should need to see.

Aesthetics aside, focusing on minimizing web development allows the millions of people worldwide with slow connections to access resources and information. Using a simple subset of CSS and Javascript, too, enables older browsers and hardware to sufficiently load websites.

The web doesn't have to be so hostile or expensive to run. Focus on boiling it down to its essentials.

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