Jean Yang


excellent article on assessing dev experience and getting concrete info from it

[http://firstround.com/review/how-superhuman-built-an-engine-to-find-product-market-fit/#rt_u=1604934611_r4nx1o] framework to make product market fit more actionable

[Growth-share matrix] :: A method of using a chart to help corporations organize and analyze business units and product lines.

[A Rake Too Far: Optimal Platform Pricing Strategy - Above the CrowdAbove the ...]


[advice for working in FOSS full time]

Minimum viable usership


the tool should never be more complicated than the needs of the user; it should serve the single purpose it needs. consequently, complex tasks should never be more complex than the actual task at hand, nor more simple!

Improving work

[inspired by Google's work]


  • Psychological evaluations to ensure that employees feel that they are heard and supported
  • Thorough manager and personal feedback
  • Truly collaborative environment vs. one in which time is valued relative to one's importance in the company


OSS Success


  • respond quickly
  • be decisive
  • keep quality
  • etc...

[successful one person businesses]

[I Just Hit $100k/yr On GitHub Sponsors! ?❤️ (How I Did It) | Caleb Porzio]

[brand yourself as a freelancer]

Marketing online: getting an audience


  • hijack super timeline for someone big in the niche

be one of teh first to respond


  • use very specific voice and be very intense about it
  • invest in tools and software for good quality memes
  • always borrow from other sites and make them relevant to yours
  • monitor tweets of specific users to make sure you can interact iwth them
  • never use emojis
  • low lift giveaway
  • build a community

- create a visual identity, i.e. an emoji next to the name

- be genuine about the hard stuff

- go super viral (ugh)

[advice on cs independent work]: finding an advisor and doing work to get it done!

[Pieter's work as a solo dev]. Reminder that building products well for a niche and providing value is a good place to be.

[https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=24109636]if it's a nice problem to have, don't solve it now

[https://scattered-thoughts.net/writing/small-tech/:]inspiration for lots of small companies and ideas! check it out! their blog is pretty good as well.

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