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Minimum viable usership

The Tyranny of the Minimum Viable User

The tool should never be more complicated than the needs of the user. A tool should serve the single purpose it needs.

Improving work

inspired by Google's work

  • Psychological evaluations to ensure that employees feel that they areheard and supported
  • Thorough manager and personal feedback
  • Truly collaborative environment vs. one in which time is valuedrelative to one's importance in the company

Product marketing resources

OSS Success

Reflections on Excalidraw

  • respond quickly
  • be decisive
  • keep quality
  • etc…

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Marketing online: getting an audience


  • hijack super timeline for someone big in the niche be one of teh firstto respond profit
  • use very specific voice and be very intense about it
  • invest in tools and software for good quality memes
  • always borrow from other sites and make them relevant to yours
  • monitor tweets of specific users to make sure you can interact iwththem
  • low lift giveaway
  • build a community

    • create a visual identity, i.e. an emoji next to the name
    • be genuine about the hard stuff
    • go super viral (ugh)

advice on cs independent workPieter's work as a solo devReminder that building products well for a niche and providing value is a good place to be.

Scattered Thoughts: Small Tech: Inspiration for lots of small companies and ideas! check it out! their blog is pretty good as well.