Sound of Metal! some kind of heaven the human factor?


play it again, sam: about a film critic obsessed with casablanca anniehall manhattan weathering with you



Worth all of the hype. A seminal cyberpunk fantasy with animation thatstill feels like it's from the future. There's no need for expositionbecause the story tells itself.


Great narrative – clearly inspired movies like the wolf of wall streetans catch me if you can, among others.

Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Taxi Driver

Pineapple Express

Stupid 'comedy' movie, no depth involved

Office Space

Great movie, struck a bit close to home… definitely empathized with themain characters (aside from the hacking part).

American Psycho

A bit scary that Bateman has taste so similar to mine… except for thepsychopathic killer thing. Love his interior decor! Can definitely seesome examples of the type of person he will become (perhaps the misogynyand power tripping, but not the murder) in some people I know today,which is a bit frightening given that he's intended to portray acaricature..

nightcrawler - confirmed news is bad. very good character development

into the wild

inspirational and novel. he lives a noble life - and though hisdecisions are stubborn, he learns so much along the way. highlyrecommend; personal journeys are the best kind of journey.

silver linings playbook

  • frustrating. how true is this? is it typical for people to spend mostof their time talking about other people? maybe this is an oversightof mine.

shutter Island

  • predictable and forgettable


simply stellar. dialogue is simplistic but sometimes this is fine +expected given the demographic. The emotions of the characters arecomplex enough.


Basically nonsensical- though maybe I'm not aware enough of the history.

feel good

excellent show. comedic realism. genuine same sex relationship. wishthere were more but netflix business model bad. really liked the secondseason - more of the same, lots of drama and an excellent depiction of avery cogent and open person struggling with mental illness all the same.


fun movie. feels like it was sponsored by twitter from all of the cameosbut sources claim it was not. chef work was exactly as described bybourdain - either it was in part inspired or this is how all kitchensare. interesting to see the dynamic regardless; son part fairly cannedbut sweet at the same time.

words bubble up like soda pop

cute romantic movie about teenage insecurity, respect and confidence.nothing too 'deep' but loved it nonetheless. animation - esp withregards to camera movement - is so well ddone; feels both hand-drawn andfluid, something i imagine is incredibly hard to get right. had classicevangelion and 'your lie in april' messages used to underscore the mostserious moments. foregiveness is wonderful

Record of a living being


Watch the film. One of the first to directly address the fear of nuclearholocaust and the implications of the atom bomb. an introspective,cerebral work regarding japan after the bomb and moving forward, awayfrom fallout. inspired by conversations with otuers regarding what may –or may not be – in store for us tomorrow, if tomorrow is in store atall.