Advice for finding employment.

Pro tips


  • Focus on what you have accomplished and can quantify rather thanjob responsibilities
  • Include graduation date!
  • Save resume as first and last name, not 'resume'
  • Tailor the resume to match the job and add key words. idea: automatethis?
  • Always remember: a resume is for an interview, not a job. Just givethem enough information to encourage them to interview you.


Great questions for interviews

https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=20916749: Questions to ask duringa job interview. (https://github.com/viraptor/reverse-interview).https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=23516751: Storytelling fortechnical interviews.

  • "Could you resolve this merge conflict with me?"

    • Get a feel for their critical thinking and communication skills
    • Test their knowledge with git
    • Test their critical thinking in a pair programming session, learnabout how they think about a programming language you expect them tobe comfortable in.

Making hiring decisions

How to hire smarter than the market: a toy model ยท ErikBernhardsson

  • Start with some root evaluation
  • Figure out how what your priorities differ from market, then arbitrage

GitHub - jakeisnt/managers-playbook: Heuristics for effectivemanagement


Front-end Interview Handbook
Great resources for front-end developer interview questions.

Leetcode Patterns
The most common Leetcode questions with links to the correspondingproblems. Useful for interview studying and preparation.


Ask HN: What has your career looked like? \| HackerNews


Ask HN: How does your organisation train programmers? \| HackerNews

Optimizing Resume


You can see how common recruitment tools parse your resume. An optimallyparsed resume will ease autofilled applications at the least, and atbest will get your resume to more recruiters at a company.

This can be accomplished by leveraging the browser's dev tools:

  1. Find a job posting that makes use oflever's recruiting software (e.g.Coursera).
  2. Progress to the initial lever page. This page should have a'jobs.lever.co' domain and fields for basic personal information,including resume submission.
  3. Open the developer console and switch to the 'Network' tab.
  4. Upload your resume to the application. You should see a'parseResume' HTTP POST request. Double-click the request and youcan view your resume as parsed along with a discription and somepreliminary analytics information.