Text Editors

Text is a substrate for pretty much all digital information; it's the most flexible medium for computing and communication, as it's the core standard behind pretty much all source files and content.

I want to make a good text editor and programming environment! Here are some interesting ones I've seen.


  • [Xi] :: is a flexible editor with a modular approach to construction; if you implement Xi's protocol, you can use any user interface that calls back to Xi on the backend. However, it's plagued with latency issues. [xi-editor retrospective | Raph Levien’s blog].
  • [Left] :: A simple, minimal writing tool without the distractions
  • [Yi] :: A modular collection of packages for creating your own text editor in Haskell.
  • [Leo] :: Python-based personal information manager

Writing Tools

Software Environments




[txti - Fast web pages for everybody]

[Write.as — A place for focused writing.]

[http://ix.io/]: command-line pastebin

[rwtxt]: space for reading or writing text

[comment parade]: anonymous backquotes and other such comments.

Interactive Documents

Unclear how this is distinct from some of those 2D node editors with interactive components.

Programming Editors

  • [the ACME text editor] :: default for plan-9. interesting mobile system incorporating mouse usage and chording! it's different from traditional text editors and worth trying. [research!rsc: A Tour of Acme] might reveal some cool secrets to incorporate in more traditional text editors.


The ideal editor is petagogic - with a learning curve that can be explored without having to ever leave the ecosystem - but these are developed solely for teaching in mind.

Fun Ideas


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