Text is a substrate for pretty much all digital information; it's themost flexible medium for computing and communication, as it's the corestandard behind pretty much all source files and content.

I want to make a good text editor and programming environment! Here aresome interesting ones I've seen.


is a flexible editor with a modular approach to construction; if youimplement Xi's protocol, you can use any user interface that calls backto Xi on the backend. However, it's plagued with latency issues.xi-editor retrospective \| Raph Levien’sblog.

A simple, minimal writing tool without the distractions

A modular collection of packages for creating your own text editor inHaskell.

Python-based personal information manager

Writing Tools

Hemingway Editor
A text editor that gives you feedback on your work and words, usingcommon conventions, "hard to read" metrics, etc. to help you improveyour writing as much and as interactively as possible.

GitHub - ianstormtaylor/slate: A completely customizable framework for buildi…
A rich, JS-first text editor library that's super ergonomic to use.

mostly a reading tool. Maps out poem topologies of files while readingor composing!

Home \| Penrose
Visualize math notation with bubbles by using succinct math phrasing.

Unker Non-Linear Writing System
Some thoughts on what a nonlinear writing system can, should, and mightlook like.

CryptPad: Zero Knowledge, Collaborative Real Time Editing
This is sick! How does this work?

Software Environments


txt.fyi Telegraph txti -Fast web pages for everybody Write.as — A place forfocused writing. http://ix.io/: command-linepastebin rwtxt: space for reading or writingtext comment parade: anonymous backquotes andother such comments.

Interactive Documents

Unclear how this is distinct from some of those 2D node editors withinteractive components.

Programming Editors

the ACME text editor
default for plan-9. interesting mobile system incorporating mouse usageand chording! it's different from traditional text editors and worthtrying. research!rsc: A Tour of Acmemight reveal some cool secrets to incorporate in more traditional texteditors.


The ideal editor is petagogic - with a learning curve that can beexplored without having to ever leave the ecosystem - but these aredeveloped solely for teaching in mind.

Fun Ideas