How do I figure out where to live?

My intuition here as an engineer is to establish some framework andidentify circumstances based on that framework.

What's important to me?

  1. Convenient, public, social spaces. The fabric of a city is definedby the elegance by which I was talking to Lisa yesterday, and shesuggested that I could "just get a car and drive to places".

    I don't even consider this a possibility. Why not? Why don't I wantto own a car?

    Ownership and maintenance of a complex vehicle requires additionalreliance on people I have adversarial - rather than amicable -relationships with. If I have a bike or something, I can be friendswith the people at the shop and they can help me develop theknowledge I need to fix my bike; if I bring my car into the shopwith some complex diagnostic issue, Ford Motor Corporation or Teslaor BMW has to decrypt their hardware and undo their proprietarylocks on my system before digging into the guts, and they can't tellme how to do any of this, so I'll have no agency. I'm dependent onthem in an unfriendly, predatory way. We don't have a propercovenant of the right to repair for many objects, so I must avoidevery hole I can prevent myself from getting trapped in in thatrespect.

    Also the car is a private space. One of the most important things inmy life is the elimination of private spaces. This is why I lovecoffee shops. I love people and want to do things for them, andprivate spaces are traps: you spend more money to have spaces byyourself. this is an etirely separate article i am gettingdistracted

    public spaces are incredibly powerful because optimizing for randominteractions by far is the highest value practice i have right now,and continuing to do this seems incrediblt useful

    the most powerrful tool you have at your disposal is your ability tointeract with and inspire otherp people, and everything you shouldaccomplish should therefore be for people in two ways: your workshould empower other people to do new things and think in new ways,and it should inspire people to be able to accomplish those thingsthemselves. (this is mostly a note to myself) in other words, itshould both make the complex seem very possible and allow people todo complex things very possibly at the same time. that to me isbeauty

    Also, the fabric of a city transforms immensely when the road is notthe primary vehicle of navigating a city. It is hard to explicitlyevaluate this. This seems similar to social policies like legalizingalcohol outside and 24H parties in Berlin. This makes Berlin a citylike no other in the world, aside from the other historical reasons;new classes of socialization and environments are exposed when wecan do new things and have the places to do them.

  2. A creative scene. I like cool people and spending time with coolpeople and having cool conversations. I want to feel cool and listento cool music. Now that I have this environment in Boston I refuseto rely on the internet as a crutch for interacting with thesepeople; if I can choose to live wherever I want I will chose to livewith them in real life.
  3. People who work passionately and work hard. This goes hand in handwith the other, I suppose? How do I distinguish this from Point 2?I'm not really sure yet. I will continue to thinkā€¦.
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