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social networking on the internet

source: how to make friends on theinternet

  • 90% of meeting people is reaching out. you must actively initiateconversations
  • hang out in places where these other people are hanging out and do sofrequently
  • any platform with private messages allows you to make friends
  • contact someone anytime you like something.

using twitter

  • respond to tweets on regular basis
  • network with people they know and respond to their tweets as well
  • ask local mutuals if they want to hang out
  • having video calls could be almost as good as meeting in person?
  • be someone people want to follow.

    • 1x per day
    • super low signal ot noise ratio
    • do not focus on retweeting
  • create opportunities for discovery

    • talk to people. read their mentions. consistently bring value withreplies
    • this happens even with people with large followings


  • "networking for introverts"; "a serindipity vehicle"
  • start blogging now and keep blogging. it's the best way to interactwith others

meeting people

networking fornerds

  • create a mental model of yourself to become easy for anyone to meet
  • if you have this projection, if you know how to market yourself, youknow how to best network with others
  • fuzzy projections are okay but they're harder to pinpoint.
  • form this projection (about three pieces of information you'd likesomeone else to hold about you) - and market towards it.
  • tell stories – strong stories. narrow down your own story and use itin conversations with others. tell it on social media. repeat it atlength.
  • know your ask: the most impactful thing they can do to help you. thiscan be a local or a global goal; how can you best help other people?this makes it easiest for them to help you, gives them an action toreach back to you about, and keeps them from having to ask lots ofclarifying questions. reduce the friction between you and them interms of getting things done as soon as possible.
  • pre meeting motions: scheduling, give as much information as possible,and be specific and accurate. refer back to the article all the background information all of the time.

concrete examples

  • write: invite people to write you.
  • reach out when you see someone you think it woul be interesting tomeet
  • ask people for intros and suggestions for people you should meet. doyou know anyone i should meet and can you introduce me to them? dothis asap. if you know a mutual, ask them for an introduction!
  • browse reddit, twitter, etc. frequently with the intention of pollingfor these values.
  • a big step is attending those research meetings i can be a part of
  • traveling anywhere in the us is cheap. do not be afraid to travel tonetwork by any means.

It is your responsibility to follow up

  • follow up at max three times. follow up on a regular schedule. don'tassume they will respond and keep the email around to remind others.

Ideas not mattering is silly

  • ideas may be cheap but there is never a guarantee of this. defeat yourideas. if they are not defeated, pursue them.
  • good ideas are so obvious in retrospect, and they are only obvious inthe moment if they do not have holes
  • zero sum concepts are not worth it. ideas not mattering is just amarketing technique to assemble corporations