uninteresting ideas are streamlined improvements to existing processes - a better messaging app, or a better task organization framework, for example. people can already do these things; you're shaving time off what they can do, but it's unclear whether your lifetime spent building the tool is worth the small process improvement you give to others, even though that imporvement compounds - and you'll spend so much effort marketing the tool to convince others to accept a minor process improvement. ultimately, though, other people will be solving these problems.

interesting ideas fundamentally change the way people interact with the world outside the application or business process or paradigm that the service operates in. uber changed the way that people navigate cities. airbnb (arguably) changed the way that people travel. accelerating shipping makes it possible for anyone to pass something off to anyone else. businesses can be built on it. ecosystems can be built on it. this is why craigslist is beautiful. shipping is a platform - it's infrastructure - transporting something from A to B. it's a world with far less ownership - where people can rent things to each other and return them by dropping them off at their nearest bodega.

Next step is just collecting data. How fast can we ship across NYC? How fast do people want to ship? Ideal pace is slower than

UX? either 'fun' -we enjoy giving things to our friends! - or business - most efifcient way to get things from A to B, no questions asked.

doc viewer

tool able to view just a subset of a webpage: i.e. for an article only view the text itself, the way the author intended, as the main body, separating it from the rest of the content.

incredibly painful experience onboarding and settuing up react etc.

it does not have to be this way.

concretely: what's github? what's vscode? how do i open, view and edit files? what's the difference between github, github desktop, vscode, react native? what is nodejs for and what does it let us do?

some pitches from email

these are visible in the

 top level folder.

i would like a better way to track them; i'll definitely flesh them out in the wiki, but i really like being able to send email to an address to sketch them out. i would prefer sketching them out on paepr and just sending an image in, but honestly i want this idea period to support whatever medium is most flexible - i just have to make sure the whole idea is recorded and written down ads fast as possible.

redfin art

house showcase super interesting idea;

get to know someone's life based on the house they left behind

the house on bluefin, or redfin, road

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