Resources for mobile devices.


[Open-source jailbreaking tool for many iOS devices]


App development

[building a custom launcher in android studio]

[another guide for a custom launcher]

[Let's build a custom keyboard for Android - Android Authority]

[Create a Custom Keyboard on Android]

[The Open GApps Project]

Signal patch without google play services []

[]we can do better than signal! centralized, in the us, not so different from whatsapp...

Setting up

  • DAVx5: CardDAV and CalDAV server

Must disable battery optimizations, then go into other apps and select it as the default app for those,

including contacts and calendar



[LineageOS vs /e/ vs alternatives - degoogle]

[e-ink smartphones!]

[]:: a minimal mobile device

mimic much of this design in an android launcher! i love how minimal it is and the black would look as perfect on AMOLED as it does on e-ink, if not better

[nanodroid] : debloat your android ROM and install things like microG and f-droid regardless of the system.


[Tensegrity Lamp Running ColorChord on Android with USB in C - YouTube]

[]with {Nix}, getting the Pinephone up and running with Mobile NixOS as well as some other resources : )

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