your room can be as bright as theoutdoors: brignening your room helps youstay more productive? thegeneralBlogs is good tofollow as well

TODO shelf idea

shelves that can detach from wall use them as writing surface, desk orsomething can mount them up on wall thin sheets of metal that look likefloating on wall :: minimal

designer living philosophy


  • full-time freelancing: turn any place into a working space! work fromanywhere.
  • live in a small studio with everything organized and functional. use asmall desk to stay focused!
  • work hard to build a concrete and strong routine. use externaltracking tools. keep good habits and balance; this matters more thananything else. (I know this!)

anxiety in product development can emerge easily from stress, resulting in anger, frustrationand other unhealthy forms of exerting such stress. this impacts otherpeople, organizations and processes as well. we have fear drivendevelopment : a concrete idea encouraging us to avoid certain practicesdepending upon the specific approach

play to win, don't play not to lose; developing a unique sellingproposition means that you are no longer fighting with others, butrather striving to come out ahead

awareness of such anxiety is the first step to take. with this awarenesscomes conscious decision making, and with such decisions come wiserproduct crafting and, in the end, better, more creative work