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[hypercognitive mind]

[attention restoration theory: that we restore our energy by experiencing nature]

[biofeedback research start] {Health}

[list of cognitive biases]



  • Are psychiatric conditions categorical or dimensional?

+ Categorical: Objective mixing into separate groups

+ It's hard to distinguish these things! Review this.

attention restoration theory

people can concentrate better after spending time in nature

i think i have experienced this firsthand living in yosemite - so powerful! i need to bring this lesson back into my life in a major way.

Cool Principles

  • [Chekhov's gun] :: every element in a story must be necessary. never make false promises.

[binini's paradox] :: it's difficult to construct models or systems to capture things like the human brain

[parable of the broken window]: destruction, and the money spent to recover from it, is not a net benefit to society.

[]design systems tend to mirror their own communication structure

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