Vim can handle multuithreading properly - unlike Emacs - but otherwise Emacs feels far more extensible. The keybinding innovations - mostly taken from

 - and macro system make manipulating files an incredibly 
       productive process. Vim users often have a library of cli and tui programs that 
       they use in conjunction with Vim to facilitate a desktop ecosystem without a 

Learn the keybindings! They're standards that tend to work everywhere.

Cheat Sheets!


[Vim cheat sheet]


[YBlog - Learn Vim Progressively]


Leader keys

  • Comma :: As it should always be followed with a space grammatically, every other key can be freely mapped to with no delay! You lose the functionality of backwards repeating though...
  • Space :: What doom emacs uses, my current key and what I'm used to. This works fine, but the timeout definitely can impact the fluency of writing on occasion.
  • Semicolon :: Interesting option, but there seem to be some strange repeat patterns in specific modes.
  • \ :: Controversial, it's pretty far away... but it's the default. Unclear whether bashing the pinkie to the right is a great motion (just like Emacs and the left).
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