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How do we design a "healthy" site?

What is a healthy site?

Chromium's WebVitalsis a Google initiative to log a variety of information about a websiteserved over the internet, particularly to assess the website's behaviorand efficiency in Google Chrome. Thelibrary offers aneasy-to-use way to disseminate performance to a series of values,locally or in CI, that can then be tracked and reported.


Xanadu is Ted Nelson's dream of a hyperconnectedworld.

Interesting Specifications


Webmentions are ways to notify URLswhen their sites are mentioned, helping construct a more social web;this notifies some publisher B when website A links their site, so thatthey can backlink to it!

Unfortunately, this protocol isn't standardized - but it's fun : ).

How To Create An IndieWeb Profile - Kev Quirk
getting started on the indieweb, a series of protocols constructedaround the traditional web to promote greater interaction.

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Should I Block Ads?

web hostility

article"Facebook is at odds with the open web that I love and defend…" NetscapeNavigator (small internet) -\> big internet! The modern web is beingdestroyed – personalized content, growth hacking, social mediaactivation, CMS and user experience. These websites are not built toappreciate the visitor – they are constructed to make the user acustomer. Cookies bad! Small blogging good!

How do browsers work?

Good question! Here is a goodarticle.


how seo is ruining thewebGoogle's vaguely worded SEO advicehandbookCan we reverse-engineer SEO with big data, lots of time, and searchresults? Is this just one neural network vs. another producingnondeterminism?



Beehive:CoDoNS is analternative DNS server with a better distribution profile while offeringbackwards compatibility. Handshake - A Namespace For The DecentralizedWeb is an article pleading for anactual, decentralized namespace - the ICANN licensing system just isn'tcutting it. Handshake uses a decentralized blockchain to register, trackand resolve unique domain names with proof of work - this is notdissimilar to ENS.


Planktos allows users to servecontent from users directly to other users by cacheing static files as atorrent. It's a cool peer-to-peer system that can cache both simple andcomplex static sites!