You and your research notes

There are wavelengths that people cannot see, there are sounds thatpeople cannot hear, and maybe computers have thoughts that peoplecannot think.

— Unknown

  • Shannon information theory?
  • Hired as a clerk for the computers of people like Feynman and Shannon.Kept asking 'why?'
  • you must first tell yourself that you'd like to do somethingsignificant
  • there is always repitition we see in people who make impacts, likeShannon. Partly luck but the only control we have over that is ourcircumstances
  • great work is not just 'brains'; often the issue is with articulation,a lack of an ability to access the language and forum necessary todevelop ideas
  • once you've developed the courage to face - and solve - importantproblems, you can - he postulates that this will lead to a stream ofsuccesses if you stick to the method
  • the best stem work is often done early in the career while the bestliterary work is often done late
  • do not define your scale by the problems you've faced, Shannon error

Research times from @randomwalker

Knowing lots of things isn't important. What is important is:

  • Knowing what you know and don't.
  • Being good at teaching what you know.
  • Admitting when you're incorrect.
  • Communicating uncertainty effectively.
  • Spotting bullshit.
  • Recognizing others with expertise.
  • Recognizing different domains of expertise.
  • Recognizing different kinds of expertise.
  • Drawing from the expertise of others without deferring to authourity.
  • Accepting the unknowable. Abstractions exist for a reason!